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12 completely obvious and useless quotes

  1. Every sixty seconds in Africa, there will be one minute passed
  2. People who drink every day, there is a high probability of dying in 100 years
  3. If you breathe for 60 seconds, your life will be shortened for one minute
  4. If you eat twenty bowls of rice, the calories you consumed will be equal to twenty bowls of rice
  5. A 16 years old girl will only be 12 years old four years ago
  6. In the southern hemisphere, when a butterfly flaps its wings, it will fly a little higher
  7. Instead of buy a cup of coffee a day, if you save that money, you can buy ten cups of coffee after ten days
  8. When someone punches your left cheek, you will feel pain on your left cheek
  9. When a person is murdered, that person will die
  10. In United States, most of the elementary students are fluent in English
  11. According to statistics, women have the highest number of unmarried pregnancy
  12. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life
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