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Disgusting World Records

Snail-Sucking (Live)

Armand Forcalquier, of Marseille, France, holds the record.  In a contest held on Feb. 12, 1992, Armand sucked down 1,238 live snails in a little over 4 hours.  “It was not easy,” Armand boasted after he learned the record was his.  “They cling to their shells, but they can’t get away from me.”

Callus Collection

Florence Franklin of Peoria, IL, holds the record.  As of Sept 12, 1992, Florence had over 200 pounds of callus (sheets of hardened skin) in her collection.  “I shave it off people,” Florence told us.  “They don’t mind.  Some people even autograph the big pieces.”

Infestation of Mites (Group)

This record belongs to the 3,859 residents of Kildare, Montana.  In 1989, visiting doctors certified that every person in the town was suffering from scabies, a skin disease caused by mite infection.  “The mites seemed to be jumping from one person to another,” the mayor of Kildare told us, “so we decided to get together and go for the record.”

Socks (Continuous Wear)

David Horrigan, of Glen Ridge, NJ, claimed the record in 1989.  In a sworn statement, Horrigan has worn the same pair every day for twenty years and 114 days.  In 1983, shoe stores throughout New Jersey banned Andy from their premises.  Since then he has purchased his shoes through the mail.  Andy plans to remove the socks and take a look at his feet in 1999.

Feet (Smell)

On Aug. 21, 1991, Wanda Lake, 18, broke the record held by Dave Horrigan.  Wanda removed her shoes in the crowded lobby of a Los Angeles theatre.  In the five minutes that followed, the lobby was a chaotic mass of panic-stricken people trying desperately to escape.  In the end, 42 people were sick, and 14 others had passed out.

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