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Why Microsoft’s Windows 8 successor is called Windows 10

(Microsoft) Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore wearing the shirt with the hidden code.

When Microsoft unveils Windows 10, the successor of Windows 8, almost everyone is confused and has a question bugging in their mind: what the heck happened to Windows 9!

At the Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft staffs and other insiders were wearing a blue shirt with the Windows logo that was actually made up of the 1’s and 0’s of binary code. Here are the hidden messages behind those codes. There is one message in each of the four segments of the Windows logo:

  • “There are 10 types of people in the world.” (This is a joke that only programmers will understand. “10” is binary for “2.”)
  • “Windows 10, because 7 8 9.” (In case you don’t get. “7 8 9” sounds like “Seven ate Nine” when say it out loud)
  • Congrats on being one of the first.
  • “Windows Insiders help us develop the future. Talk to us @ Windows.”

Here you go and the mystery is finally resolved.

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