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Hotline To God

John Madden was in Denver to announce a football game one weekend when he noticed a special phone near the Broncos’ bench. He asked Coach Shanahan what it was for and was told it was a hotline to God. John asked the coach if he could use it, and the coach said: “Sure, but it will cost you $100.”

Madden scratched his head, then said: “What the heck, I need some help picking some games.” He pulled out his wallet and paid the $100.

Madden was perfect that week.

The next weekend, Madden was in Green Bay when he noticed the same kind of phone near the Green Bay bench. He asked Coach Holmgren what the phone was for, and Mike said: “It’s a hotline to God, and if you want to use it, it will cost you $100.” Recalling the previous week, Madden pulled out his wallet and gladly paid the $100.

Once again, Madden was perfect.

The next weekend, Madden was in Nashville at The Colliseum when he noticed the same phone near the Titans bench. He asked Coach Jeff Fisher if it was a hotline to God. Fisher said, “Yes it is. Do you want to use it? It’ll cost you 35 cents.”

Madden looked at Coach Fisher and said, “Wait a minute! I just paid $100 in Denver and $100 in Green Bay to use the same phone! Why in Nashville do they only charge 35 cents?”

Fisher looked at Madden and replied very matter-of-factly, “In Tennessee, it’s a local call.”

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