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A German taxi driver

The driver asks: “So, how do you like our country?”

The guy answers: “Oh, it’s great. But it is so different from home in many aspects. Some things, I cannot make sense of.”

The taxi driver asks: “Really? Like what?”

The guy says: “Well, for instance, we don’t have these things on the hoods of our cars.” He points to the Mercedes emblem. “What are these things doing there?”

The taxi driver thinks to himself: “Ha, this guy doesn’t know about hood ornaments. Maybe I’ll try and mess with him a little bit.”

So he says to the guy: “Well, you see, in Germany, we have too many politicians. So the government outfitted some of our cars with these crosshairs. We are asked to take out some of the politicians if we spot them on a street!”

The guy is dumbfounded. “Unbelievable”, he says. “I have never heard of anything quite like that.”

A few minutes pass and suddenly, the taxi driver notices a well-dressed guy on the sidewalk in front of them.

He thinks to himself: “Okay, this is excellent. I’ll get to scare the hell out of this guy by driving up to that lady and steer clear of her at the very last second.”

He hits the gas and yells to the guy: “Hold on to your hat! In front of us is a prime target. I’ll just get her and we will be back on our way, shortly.” The guy sits in anticipation and braces himself for impact.

The taxi driver, at the last second, steers clear of the man. He heads back to the road as the driver hears a loud thump.

He looks in the rearview mirror and sees the man on the ground and the guy in the back goes: “Well, you sure need to work on your aiming skills. If I  hadn’t opened my door, we would have missed him, for sure.”

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