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Explain what the government Is to A Kid

A little kid has a report due for government class. He asks his dad to explain what the government is.

His dad thinks for a minute, and explains it like this, “I am Congress, and your mom is the judicial system. Your sister is unemployed. You the group too young to vote, and the maid is the working class.”

So, the kid is trying to figure out what his dad means and gets up to grab some water in the kitchen.

He goes to the kitchen and he sees his sister is sneaking out of the house with her boyfriend.

On his way back to his room, he sees his dad sneaks into the maid’s room.

The next morning the kid tells his dad, “So I think I have it figured out.”

The dad asks, “So how do you think the government works?”

The kid replies, “The unemployed are out messing around while Congress is taking advantage of the working class. The judicial system is asleep, and the people too young to vote are watching it all happen…”

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