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Car Burglary in the UK

One of our local Members of Parliament (Gillian Shephard) paid a visit to Norwich jail to inspect the place and after her tour of the prison, she was shown to her chauffeur-driven car by the Governor, whereupon it was discovered that the chauffeur had inadvertently left the keys in the car and he was unable to open the doors. There was much embarrassment until the Governor of Norwich jail came up with a splendid idea.

“We have plenty inside here who are doing time for car burglary. Shall I get one?”

Gillian nodded her assent.

Enter Justin, doing a few years for such crimes, and he was invited to display his skills to the advantage of Mrs. Shephard in order to save her any further embarrassment.

With that, Justin picked up a large stone and hurled it at the windscreen shattering it in a million pieces.

Surrounding press and camera men had to hide behind trees and other cover to conceal their mirth.

Apparently, Justin, though a frequent offender, had a “simple and dynamic approach” to theft. Not for him the sophisticated business of bits of wire etc.

By way of explanation he later said that all he was ever after was the property inside the vehicles.

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