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A talking dog

A man in the bar offers to bet anyone $100 that his dog can talk.

At first, everyone is dubious, but after the man clarifies he means complete grammatically correct sentences, and they make sure there are no hidden devices on the dog, several bets are made.

The man, Well, Charley?

Charley lifts his paw.

The man, Charley, come on, say something.

Charley barks once.

The man, “Charley, what is it, now? Say something in English.”

Charley clearly doesn’t understand what the man wants from him and is getting visibly nervous.

Finally, the man has to give up. So he pays the lost money and leaves with Charley.

After walking a few blocks in the rain the man asks sadly, “Why did you do that?”

“Just imagine how much we’re going to win there tomorrow.” Says the dog.

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