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A pair of genuine alligator shoes


A pair of genuine alligator shoes

A woman wanted to take home a pair of genuine alligator shoes but didn’t want to pay a fortune for them. So she headed out to the swamp, determined to catch herself an alligator.
Her boyfriend stayed at the hotel.

Later that day, she stood waist deep in the murky bayou water with a shotgun in hand. She heard the unmistakable purr of a full-grown alligator, spotted it drifting by and shot it dead! She pulled it out of the water and examined it.

“Nope… no good!” she said and headed back for more.

She did this all day, killing upwards of a dozen gators before heading back to the hotel in defeat.

As she flopped down on the bed, here boyfriends asked, “Did you catch any gator?”

“Yeah,” replied the disappointed and exhausted woman, “but they were all barefoot!”

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