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A deer walks into a bar

A deer walks into a bar and passes the barkeeper and takes a seat.

The barkeeper is confused and scared at the same time.

The barkeeper starts shaking and thinks, “A deer in my bar? Well, that’s not happening very often…”

Then the deer stands up, goes to the bar and says, “I would like to have a beer please!”

Then it turns around and goes back to his seat.

The barkeeper thinks, “Ok, what is going on here? What do I do? Stop overthinking Steve, instead act smart! Milk the moment! He won’t notice anyway!”

The barkeeper works up the courage to serve the beer and says, “That’ll be 20$ please!”

The deer takes out his purse and hands the barman a 20$ bill.

With a big smile over his face, he goes back to his bar, but stops midway, turns around and says, “Let me ask you one thing please, we don’t have deers very often in here…”

The deer interrupts him half sentence and says, “At 20 dollars a beer, I can imagine that pretty well!”

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