A woman went to the doctors office. She was seen by one of the new doctors, but after about 4 minutes in the examination room, she burst out, screaming as

Crash Report

As he reviewed pilot crash reports, my Air Force military science professor stumbled upon this understated entry: “After catastrophic engine failure, I landed long. As I had no power, the

Computer Trouble

Actual dialogue of a former Wordperfect Customer Support employee: Ridge Hall computer assistant; may I help you? Yes, well, I’m having trouble with WordPerfect. What sort of trouble? Well, I

Competing Bid

An enthusiastic but somewhat unscrupulous salesman was waiting to see the purchasing agent of an engineering firm. The salesman was there to submit his company’s bid for a particular job.

Cigar Insurance

Only in America! A Charlotte, North Carolina man, having purchased a case of very rare, very expensive cigars, insured them against… get this… fire. Within a month, having smoked his

The Chicken Test

In a recent issue of “Meat & Poultry” magazine, editors quoted from “Feathers,” the publication of the California Poultry Industry Federation, telling the following story: The US Federal Aviation Administration

Chinese Yiddish

Two elderly Jewish men were sitting in a wonderful deli frequented almost exclusively by Jews in New York City. They were talking amongst themselves in Yiddish, the colorful language of

The Catholic Jew

A Jewish man moves into a strict Catholic neighborhood. Every Friday, the Catholics practically go crazy – because while they’re morosely eating only fish, the Jew is in his backyard


Introducing the new Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device, trade-named BOOK. BOOK is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology: no wires, no electric circuits, no batteries, nothing to be connected or switched on.

Bird Tags

The inscription on the metal bands used by the U.S. Department of the Interior to tag migratory birds has been changed. The bands used to bear the address of the

Being Polite

While I was working as a pediatric nurse, I had the difficult assignment of giving immunization shots to children. One day I entered the examining room to give four-year-old Lizzie


My friend is a rather old-fashioned lady, always quite delicate and elegant, especially in her language. She and her husband were planning a week’s vacation in Florida, so she wrote